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Plexo All-in-One Cloud Dental Software For Your Clinic

Grow your dental clinic in less time with Plexo. Organise all your clinic operations in One Place. From Any Place.

The best clinics prioritise on patient-focused care. Plexo does the rest.

From the small details to the bigger picture, manage your clinic workflow and operations with Plexo's cloud based dental practice management software so every member of your dental team can focus on what matters most - the patients.

Plexo cloud dental software - the future of dental care

Deliver a new dental care experience with Plexo's cloud-based solution. Your team can access patient information, schedules, billing, and more in one place anytime, anywhere! Experience the freedom now with Plexo.

Dental software that doesn't get in the way

Plexo cloud dental software is built for your independent practices, not a hospital. None of the complex, time-consuming bureaucracy, and costly features you don't need. Plexo is designed to be friendly and flexible. Get anytime support and training from Plexo so your dental team can work effectively. Plexo's clear pricing also ensures there are no surprises.

Supercharging dental clinic of any size with Plexo

Whether you are a solo practice, group practice, or large multi-location practices, find everything you need to run your business like pro international group practices here. Our team in Plexo is committed to your clinic's success.

Get more work done in less time with these features on Plexo

Easy to Use

Plexo's user-friendly interface is natural, easy to learn, and to master - no need to worry about training your employees.

Affordable and Secure

No need for expensive servers, network equipment, hardware maintenance, storage space, or backups. Plexo does it all for you on the cloud.

Flexible Scheduling

Book your patients from anywhere, anytime using online appointment system. Book one-time and repeat visits on Plexo dental cloud software.

Electronic Medical Records & Analytics

One place for comprehensive patient information, accessible from anywhere. Get real-time insights into your patients and dental clinic performance. See them from anywhere on Plexo's cloud dental software.

Billing and Invoicing

Create printable professional invoices on Plexo for patients and commission-based calculations for your dental team so you never have to keep track of them manually anymore.

Free-hand Drawing

Draw, doodle, or handwrite on the screen to help explain the diagnosis and your treatment plan to patients. Then save your free-hand drawing on Plexo for future reference.

Plexo App Indonesia dental clinic management software dashboard analytics reporting tool layout appearance

Online Appointment Booking

With appearance like Google Calendar, you can click-and-drag to create new appointments or drag-and-drop existing appointments for rescheduling. View your team’s schedule from anywhere on Plexo cloud dental software.

Electronic Medical Records

User-friendly, clean, modern electronic medical records on Plexo. See your patients’ past dental history, medical history, medications list, social history and more in one dashboard. Say goodbye to old-fashioned piles of paper trail or legacy system.

Billing and Invoicing

Make customised price list of services and products offered in your clinic. Bundle your services or products into product kits on Plexo. Let your dental team focus on providing the best patient care instead of handling billing issues.

Free Hand Drawing

Explain what the problem is and how the treatment works by drawing on the screen so your patient understands better. Save the drawing into the patient’s visit record on Plexo for future references. No more misplaced paper trails in your clinic with this dental cloud-based software.

Plexo App Indonesia dental clinic management software dashboard analytics reporting tool layout appearance

Features you'll love coming soon on Plexo

Patient Communication

Automatically remind your patients for follow-ups and periodic check-ups. Keep patients coming back to your clinic regularly, get high patient satisfaction, and avoid no-shows with this automated feature on Plexo - this module is under development.

Dental Image Gallery

Save your before- and after-treatment dental imaging in smart folders linked to patient visits. Keep track of treatment progress through dental imaging on Plexo - this module is under development.

Inventory Management

Track your inventory, medications, dental equipment, tools, supplies and any other goods on Plexo. Never lose track or be short of your clinic supplies ever again - this module is under development.

1 %
Patients prefer digital records than manual paper and pen method
1 %
Clinics find manual paper records inefficient, slow, and disorganised
1 %
Dental clinics are already using electronic health records
1 %
Reduction in No-Shows with Appointment Scheduling System

Soon available on Mobile

Our iOS and Android mobile apps for the Plexo cloud dental software are still under development. If you want to help shape the future of cloud based dental software, join the waitlist to get notified when it’s ready. Don’t forget to follow us on @plexo_id on Instagram to stay updated and help shape your dream dental software!

Plexo's cloud based dental software is the way to go! Having 24/7 anywhere access is essential to my practice. I can access patient charts, xrays, and appointments remotely from home or anywhere. The user interface is sleek and intuitive. It's a total upgrade from the traditional server-based age-old software. Will never go back to paper-based work!

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Best cloud based dental software - Plexo is easy to use, affordable and effective. This saves me so much HOURS of administrative work. The support team in Plexo is amazing - they listen to recommendations, easily reached even on weekends, and quick to respond to any issues. Well worth every cent spent!

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Manage your dental clinic in one place with Plexo.
From any place, anytime.

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